Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have noticed a fabric which has been taking over our hangers and your wardrobes in recent seasons - linen. Every brand, from Amelius to Apèro, Staple the Label to Ceres Life, are filling their lookbooks with linen pieces - and we are here for it!

So why do we love this natural fibre? Highly breathable and soft to the touch, linen makes for the perfect companion on a warm summer’s day. Nothing beats a beautiful pair of linen pants, or a soft flowing linen dress when the hot nights come calling. 

When it comes to linen, you get what you pay for. A quality linen piece will be soft, smooth, and the colour will be consistent throughout the weave. With that quality will come a higher price tag, however it will be a piece that will last you for many seasons to come. 

So how can we give our linen pieces all the love they deserve? Follow our tips below to keep your linen looking lush for longer (and don’t forget to always follow the washing directions on the tag!):

  1. Light machine wash or even better - hand wash! Never ‘wring’ your linen;
  2. Gently reshape and hand press wrinkles from your piece whilst still damp;
  3. Avoid harsh sun! Dry in shade or inside if possible;
  4. Don’t let stains sink in;
  5. Leave the iron in the cupboard! A steam, or if you must, a light iron on the reverse side will freshen up your linen pieces.

Check out some of our favourite linen pieces below:

Adrift Danny A Line Top in Watermelon 
Amelius Bridgette Linen Pant in Natural 
White by FTL Hettie Shirt Dress in Navy