Ceres Life at Sorella Store

Ceres Life at Sorella Store

Why We Adore Ceres Life at Sorella Store

Effortless outfit solutions, responsibly designed in Australia. Or, as the Ceres Life posse like to call it - fashion made for every type of day.

We often have busy women and mums shopping in store - who are looking for their everyday outfits to be 'sorted'. They need to head to the wardrobe in the morning and the perfect 'throw on look' is there ready for them, waiting to go. That is what Ceres Life does so well! They take the everyday, and make it look effortlessly cool. 

Anchored in denim and designed for comfort, the Ceres Life laid back approach to outfitting is iconically Australian and above all, always wearable. 

What makes Ceres Life even more appealing is its accessibility. We understand that the ideal casual outfit shouldn't break the bank. At Sorella Store, we appreciate how Ceres Life strikes the perfect balance between quality and affordability.

Another plus to the Ceres Life brand - sustainability. Every item in their collection adheres to five key pillars for lower environmental impact: rescued fabrics, organic materials, natural fibers, certified branded fibers, and recycled materials.

And here's the ultimate testament to our love for the Ceres Life way – step into our store, and you're almost guaranteed to spot Beth, Kylie, Erin, or Jess flaunting something 'Ceres'!

Discover the Ceres Life difference at Sorella Store – where fashion meets responsibility, and everyday style becomes a breeze.

Some of our favourite pieces Denim Dress, Slouchy Long Sleeve Top, Wide leg Jean & Signature Stripe Shirt.   

Peace out!